Proton Therapy Partners

The Proton Therapy Partners Business Model:

A Cost-Effective, Patient-Centric Approach to Proton Therapy
Proton Therapy Partners delivers best-in-class proton therapy solutions by forming equity joint ventures with prominent health systems.

Proton Therapy Partners:

  • Provides capital and arranges financing
  • Oversees design, build and construction
  • Manage operations of the joint venture

Collectively, the Partners are responsible for:

  • Payor contracting
  • Marketing
  • QA/commissioning
  • Technology selection
  • Steering Committee oversight
Health systems retain all branding rights and are responsible for patient care, clinical management and oversight.

Proton Therapy Partners EcoSystem

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Gilbane Driscoll Stantec TSOI BRA Goldstein-Milano Concord iba Hitachi Mevion Varian
Proton therapy is rapidly expanding as a necessary tool in cancer care.  The benefits of Proton Therapy include:
  • The Dosimetric advantage over traditional photon radiotherapy
  • Large clinical opportunity for patients to benefit from proton therapy who do not receive it today
  • Growing clinical evidence supporting expanded indications & guidelines
  • Increased accessibility with compact centers making proton therapy more available
Proton Therapy Partners offers a compact vault that blends cutting edge technology with low-risk/high-value economic possibilities. This facility can be incorporated into an existing facility, or be purpose-built.

Compact Proton Therapy:

  • Efficient and Powerful
  • Reduced capital and operational costs
  • Lower overall risks and produces an easier return on investment.
  • Once completed, a fast clinical ramp and high throughput enables centers to more quickly meet their financial targets